Melanie Bryant was the name, now Melanie Fox. I am a Labor and Delivery nurse working in a rural community hospital. I am the charge nurse on 3rd shift..the shift where the fun stuff happens..and im not talking about IV pole races down the hall way.

June 11, 2004

Been gone a bit..and busy 

I am sorry that I have been away so long. Busy, busy, busy. We bought a house and I have been working very, very much. My 3 cats have taken to biting each other and 2 of them have needed some serious attention for these bites. (They go unseen for a few days until it has infected underneath the skin) They get frisky with the warm weather...I truly think children would be too much for this house!!
The midwives only have 2 1/2 more weeks at our hospital and then we are down to just 4 doctors. This is going to be bad news for us in the long run and I can only hope that the Doctors decide to change their minds in the near future. They have to approve midwife based practices because they become ultimately responsible for intended normal births that need invasive care. When a midwife patient needs a c/s, the Doctor has to perform the surgery. In my state, there is a shortage of Doctors willing to do this. In other states there are many practices with 3 midwives to one Doctor. It just doesn't make sense.
I just purchased a house...Im stuck here!! On a lighter note, Doctors perform many more episiotomies than the CNM's (cert. nurse midwife) Ok..I tricked you..it wasn't a lighter note!! Until the next time..
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