Melanie Bryant was the name, now Melanie Fox. I am a Labor and Delivery nurse working in a rural community hospital. I am the charge nurse on 3rd shift..the shift where the fun stuff happens..and im not talking about IV pole races down the hall way.

June 18, 2005


Wow, It has been quite some time since I have been here, and to all who thought this was going to be "an interesting blog"....I do apologize. I am still happy and working hard at my job. I have focused so much attention lately on the new house, my husbands business, my career and school...oh yeah ..and knitting. We are on overdrive right now and just returned from a 3 week vacation of a caribbean cruise and visiting the southern folks in knoxville, TN and northern GA.
I returned to work to find that a student from the local university would like to work 3rd shift and shadow me. This is a fairly good opportunity for me seeing how my long term goal is to teach maternal/newborn health at the university level (kids would go to school for free!) The nursing students were on our unit last semester and I was told by thier instructor that she would love to write me a recommendation into the program. I am just not ready yet. I do enjoy working with the young girls though, such an impressionable age. I believe we don't really know what we are getting into until we are out of school looking for that first job. It really hits you the first time you are alone for your first delivery, or the first time you start an IV on a woman who contracts every 2 minutes and is scared. You slowly begin to get very comfortable doing what you have done before ...and then it feels like the whole picture fits. I don't leave work wondering if this is what I am supposed to be doing..I know it is. I only hope every nurse feels that way.

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell a short story about sean, kelly and max.

My mother in law usually doesnt drop names, and I am usually waking up when they come over for dinner...so I barely remembered her metioning this last name to me. I was leaving work at 7am and looked at the name of the woman who was coming to have her baby induced that day. It seemed familiar and I thought..well..I will ask them when I take care them tonight...after the baby was born. Almost all inductions are started at 8am and deliver long before 11pm..when I come on.
I came in at 1045pm and one of my favorite perdiem nurses told me that I had "to take the labor in room 253" because they were "awesome". There was another labor on the floor and I had a choice..I took 253. It was the same family that I had recognized. I was concerned now..."How come she hasn't delivered yet?" ( a nurse always wants to know what our chances of going to the OR are). The other nurse says "Well, she wasn't started until 10am and she just started dilating, she is 5 cm and comfortable with 'the block'." I was ok with that and confident that she would progress....I went to meet her and her family. She had her husband and her mother with her and I felt an instant comfort with this family. They were sensitive and humorous and she was all smiles and pain free right now.
I suddenly remembered my mother in law and the name she may have said and took a chance that they could fill the rest in. Well, to my suprise they could. Kelly (the mother to be) is best friends with my husbands only cousin and is in her wedding this september. Grandma to be knows my in-laws and thier family very well. We all were elated by this one degree of separtation and infact were excited to see each other again at the shower and wedding.
Kelly had had a long day and took 13 hours to get to 5cm. I showed up at 11pm and she was fully dilated by midnight. Max was born after 30 minutes of amazing pushing and kelly and sean couldn't have done it better. I was emotional for this one. It was a pleasure to take care of such a "with it" family and they were so amazing with the whole new parent thing right away. Sean and Kelly confided in me that they believe it was supposed to happen that way..and I want to believe that too!
The funny part about it (for me) is that they all thanked me so much, and I continue to explain to them that I am the thankful one. People like that make it too easy to enjoy your job. The new grandmother even sent my mother in law a long letter expressing her gratitude and how "fortunate" she is to have such a caring daughter in law...aw shucks.

Im telling you folks.....when its good....it's good...
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